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Tips on the right networking when searching for a job

Tips on the right networking when searching for a job

Jan 25, 2010, 12:00:00 AM

When searching for a job, one of the most important ways to do it is to ask for help those people who are on your warm list. They can provide you with fresh information and details you will never find on the internet or in newspapers. Or they may even refer you to some person who can help you land a job.

This is what is called networking. There are opposite points of view as for whether networking is really positive and efficient. For instance, some people say, it’s not reliable enough or too complicated.

The reality is a bit different. Networking is not something difficult. You should meet some people and tell them about your job search. These people may be really very helpful when it comes to your career opportunities. Besides, even if these people can’t help you themselves, they may advise who you should refer to or just tell you which companies are now hiring in your field.

Even if you are reluctant to network, you still do it even if you do not notice it. For instance, you’ve found some advertisement and you ask your friend whether they know anything about this company.

Consider the tips below and perhaps they will help to simplify this process.

· Make the list of your warm contacts

When you do this you automatically get an opportunity to prioritize who you are going to call first. Here may belong people you used to work with, your ex-employers and the like and who are supposed to know the information you are interested in and in the field where you are searching for a job.

· Call your warm contacts

When you call them, inform them you have been seeking for a job. Ask if they have heard about any vacancies in your field. Leave your contact information and resume if possible.

· Assess yourself

The person from your warm-contact list you call may ask you some questions regarding your skills and knowledge. Not to be confused by these questions, you may put down an approximate scheme of your conversation.

· Ask for referrals

If the person from your warm-contact list was unable to help you, ask them for some referrals.

· Contact the referrals at once

It’s always recommended to contact these people right after your conversation with the person from the warm-contact list.

So, networking is not that difficult but it simply requires some practice.

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