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Real job hunting abroad

Real job hunting abroad

Oct 30, 2009, 12:00:00 AM

Searching for a job abroad is an adventure and a big advantage. You will receive a large number of obstacles to overcome to receive the right to work abroad. Let’s imagine that you are going to work in Berlin, Moscow, London, New York or Tokyo. So it means that just sending your resume wouldn’t be enough, you should be ready to pick up the suitcase and leave the country you’re from the next day.

One of the most important problems is to obtain permission to work abroad. The residence permit is not required to work there for a long period. You get it when you give a work permit. Companies give work permissions to non-residents of their country only if they prove that they are good workers and if there is no qualified worker among native citizens. It is tough, but you need to go through all of this. Ideally a candidate should be able to speak the native language of the country they’re going to work and the knowledge of English as well.

If you are going to work for example in Japan, your resume and all the documents required, such as diploma, certificates and others, should be translated into Japanese. Your application letter must be written in the official format and at the end you may add something like: お客様からの連絡を待つ that means “Waiting to hear from you”

In Germany, for example, you can use old and proven method of job searching such as newspapers and magazines. Jobs are published, usually in special sections of daily newspapers (on Wednesday and on weekends), there are also newspapers specialized on job searching. If you are looking for highly qualified and well-paid jobs, you may search for them in Saturday editions of such publications as: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Die Welt, Handelsblatt and Frankfurter Rundschau. Interviewing is also the most difficult part of job search process abroad.

You must know the habits and traditions of the country and the city in order not to get into some awkward situation.

The time required for job searching abroad ranges from half a year to a year. Experienced people can seek for work themselves. But those who are not confident in their knowledge in this field may use the services of career counseling. You can also use the resources of the Internet where you will find many recommendations of people who have already passed through the whole process from the moment of job searching till successful employment.

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